Our Mission:

To provide our clients with up front design services to find out what THEIR biggest goals of THEIR project is. We do this with very creative consultations, and we Focus on developing a plan that will accomplish their goals.

Every project is different, and the best plans come from putting forth every idea and ruling out the worst, and taking the best ideas out of them.

We focus on bathroom remodeling, Bathroom updating, Kitchen Updating, Kitchen Remodeling, Kitchen Renovations, Basement Designs, Basement Remodeling, Basement Renovations and more.

Our Team:

Jeremy Coates

Jeremy Coates attended University of West Georgia where he Played Football 4 years and won two conference Championships. He has been in construction for over 25 years and grew up working in all trades. After going for an engineering degree in school, and switching majors multiple times, going thru business, computers, physic and chemistry, Jeremy finally decided to get back into construction and started the business in 2004. We started the business doing more work inside of the city of Atlanta. Starting around 2012, have focused on medium size homes, $200,000 and up, more on the north side of 285.

Danielle Borman

Daneille Borman Attend Park University where she ran Track. She has completed a minor in Graphics design and Majored Interior Design. Danielle has 5 years of experience in construction building and design. She has worked with several companies in the Atlanta Area and started working at Atlanta Home Designers in 2015. Danielle assists with the up front plans, and picking out the materials and different textures for the project, and also handles the scheduling of the crews and staying in contact with homeowners throughout the project.